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Mark Walking

     My husband and I were on our way home from a Thanksgiving weekend in Santa Fe, and were caught in a blizzard on Interstate 40 as we approached Cadillac Ranch, the installation of up-ended, half-buried Cadillacs on a prairie in the Texas Panhandle. We were going to stay in Amarillo overnight and get on the road again the next morning.

    Mark and I are suckers for interesting photographs and felt compelled to stop to take shots of the cars in that snowy landscape. We were not dressed warm enough to be outdoors even for a few minutes in such freezing temperatures, but we were determined. We parked our Mini Cooper on the side of the highway, braved the ice-cold wind and trudged through snow to get the shots we wanted. We had to walk some distance to get them.

     I had never felt that cold. I took this photograph with a 35 mm film camera; I can’t remember whether I had my gloves on, but if I did, I must have taken them off because I have a sense that my hands were freezing and it was hard to press the shutter release.  At some point I was concerned about how cold I felt. But not enough to give up and go back to the car.

     The resulting picture of the Cadillacs was well-worth bearing the bone-chilling weather. It was that shot I intended to show you. But as I searched through the photographs, I came across this one of Mark. I chose it instead because it was more evocative of that desolate landscape and wintry adventure.

This is an edited version of an essay I wrote for an event hosted by a writer’s group I joined  in Dallas.

Back in the saddle: Lone Star Ride 2013

The time has come. The time has come to get my ass back on my bike and participate in Lone Star Ride 2013. After a 2-year hiatus, I signed up for the ride. Funds raised help pay for services for men, women and children with HIV and AIDS in North Texas.

To read more about the ride, click here.

I already know the training is going to kick my ass. Haven’t been riding my bike for about that long, and the other day when I rode a mere 12 miles, I could feel just how out of shape I am. But I’ve needed a good kick in the ass, exercise-wise, and this’ll be it.

Here are some pictures of me at previous rides: