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Road trippin’ around North Texas for bratwurst, mustard and strudel

Spent a good portion of last week working in a small town about 65 miles north of Dallas, and decided to trek to another small town in the vicinity to pick up some bratwurst, mustard and strudel at Fischer’s, the famous meat market in Muenster.

Muenster, population 1,536 and about an hour away from Sherman, was not on my way home. The drive there added one and a half hours to my return home. But the light was lovely, I decided I’d make the time to go, so off I went. And the bratwurst, mustard, and strudel (apricot, apple was sold out) did not disappoint.

Plus, the side trip in Lindsay to see St. Peter Catholic Church, built in 1903, was worth taking the long way home. The light was flat by then and the skies were gray, but you can still get a sense of the church’s charm. I want to go back and see the art inside, I hear it’s beautiful.

‘Hu’s on First’ on the Way to Cienfuegos

My husband, two friends and I recently traveled to Cuba and in addition to spending time in Havana, we went on a couple of side trips.

I was reminded of the incident I describe below when I saw this fire extinguisher while pumping gas at a gas station in Dallas.

IMG_2791 (1)

Almost 45 minutes into our trip from Havana to Cienfuegos, our driver was stopped by a police officer. As I watched the exchange from the back seat, it became clear he was giving Rodolfo a hard time over some nonsense. Cab drivers are subjected to heavy controls in Cuba, and though I didn’t know him well, I figured Rodolfo wouldn’t risk not having his permits in order.

Apparently, cab drivers must carry a fire extinguisher in the car. Except that, as Rodolfo later explained to us, you can’t find functioning fire extinguishers in Cuba and that’s why he didn’t have one.

The officer repeatedly told Rodolfo he needed to have an extinguisher. Rodolfo told the officer he wanted to comply with the law, but could he tell him where to buy one?

This circular exchange went on for about fifteen minutes.

It took everything I had to stay in the car and not get involved, given my proclivity to want to run my mouth when I have no respect for authority. I was ready to pay a bribe, but wasn’t sure this cop was the type to take it and didn’t want to get Rodolfo in trouble.

In the end, the officer let him go with a warning.